In our connected world, we’re all interrupted so much, that it can be difficult to get any useful work done.

Studies show that it can take 20 minutes after an interruption to get your mind back to where you were right before the interruption. If you’re getting interrupted every 15 minutes, you’re not getting anything very substantial done.

Try these strategies to regain control of your time:

  • Get up early and get a couple hours of work done before the onslaught begins.
  • Read and respond to eMail in batches, not more than twice a day.
  • Only allow your calendar to ring your notification bell.
  • Turn off ALL other Notifications such as from your browser, eMail, Instant Messaging, News Feeds, etc.

As crazy as some of this sounds, there are times when you just have to disconnect. For example, you cannot have ringing phones in a recording session. Try eliminating distractions for at least a couple hours a day and see how your focus improves, and how much more you get done.

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