Everyone these days has too many things competing for their attention, just like an Executive. As such, we scan instead of read, and our eyes glaze over when we see large blocks of text. As creators, if we want our message to get through, we must meet the reader on their level.

Empty Space Makes
Reading Easier

I pointed this out to a colleague who consistently wrote long dense emails, and he responded with: “ithinkifoundtheanswer”

  1. Break up your paragraphs. Contrary to what you may have learned in English class, we process small, well organized, bits of information best, — particularly on the internet. If you are writing a book, the old rules may still apply. For emails, marketing, and web content, the best way to engage your reader is to keep it simple and use lots of white space.
  2. Use bullet points where possible. Readers want information distilled and organized. Numbered lists seem to have a special place in the world of content these days. Presenting your points as a “listicle” speaks to reader’s need for organization and pairing down to the most important points.
  3. Use images, illustrations, info-graphics, or captions to add variety and interest to your content. This further helps to convey the message while breaking up the reading.

Review these strategies before you hit send, publish, or print, and your message will better reach your audience.

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