I just discovered a new way to manage my tasks. Using A Tabbed Spreadsheet to Manage Your ToDo list.

I’ve long been using lists to simplify my life and get more done. They help tremendously with prioritization and free my mind for creative work. As you may know, keeping all those details in your mind crowds out your focus and creativity.

Of course, I use multiple lists, such as:

  • A grocery list that I update when ever I run low on something
  • A routing lists which save me time and gas
  • A pad of paper on my desk for Day to Day details

This week, I started thinking about all the things I’ve been putting on the back burner and it was more than I could really digest. What I wanted was something where I could order tasks and segment them by topic. It occurred to me that a Tabbed Spreadsheet would work for that.

Using A Tabbed Spreadsheet to Manage Your ToDo list.

Tabbed Spreadsheet
Tabbed Spreadsheet

I created tabs for:

  • Work items, administrative & customer centric
  • Home for things I need to do around the house
  • Calls for people I need to call
  • Projects for various things I’m trying to get done
  • Shopping for things I need to order or pick up for my projects

Within the sheet for each tab, I may have descriptive sub headings. e.g. rows that have a topic in bold with items below, and some blank rows before the next category.

I still keep a separate grocery list, a separate pad of paper on my desk for the day to day, and a paper routing list because it’s mobile and doesn’t violate the new distracted driver laws. However, the spreadsheet has really helped me see a larger group of items so I can prioritize through drag & drop or cut & paste, and organize into an appropriate category.

For now, I’m moving Completed items to the bottom of the sheet as a “log” for as long as I need to see them. At the end of the week, I can duplicate the file and clear out what I don’t need to see from the current sheets.

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