Procrastination is perhaps the biggest drag on your energy and creativity.

It starts small. We say to ourselves: “That will only take 5 minutes, I’ll do it later.” We’ve all done it. And then we do it again. Before long, the weight of the tasks we’ve put off becomes intimidating and paralyzing.

Getting Out From Under the Suffocating Mountain of Tasks.

The answer is the same as for any big project.

1. Get Excited!
2. Plan the Work, and
3. Work the Plan!

See my [Super Simple Task Management System] to get started. If the list is particularly large, see my [Get Even More Done] post to better organize the items. Then chip away at the list. There’s something magical about writing something down that makes it actually happen. Start with the easy stuff to get some momentum. There’s also something satisfying about checking them off when you’ve completed them, giving you motivation to keep going.

Avoiding Procrastination in your Day to Day.

It’s one thing to prioritize your work. It’s another to keep putting things off while you watch TV. It is often said,

“If you want something done,
give it to a busy person.”

A busy person simply doesn’t have time to put it off.

Become that Busy Person.

Accomplish more in your day to day. If it will only take 5 minutes, then just do it now. Don’t let those tasks pile up and weigh you down.

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