I’ve developed a simple, folder based pipeline for scheduled content.

Publishing Pipeline Folders

Each folder name includes the number in order for it to sort by name correctly.

The “1 – Ideas” folder contains files on topics that come to you. You might have a lot of ideas in one file, and you might have certain ideas broken out into their own file. When you decide a idea has merit, simply drag & drop it into the “2 – In Progress” folder.

The “2 – In Progress” folder contains files on the posts or articles you are developing. You might have a subfolder named the same where you collect research for the idea. Once you have developed your content, and proofed it, simply drag & drop it into the “3 – Ready” folder.

Items in the “3 – Ready” folder have been proofed and are ready for publication. As you can see here, I use a sub folder to keep the text and media together.

When you are ready to publish, you might want to do a final proof, then copy and paste the content into your publishing software, and schedule the publication date for the post. Once that has been finalized, simply drag & drop it into the “4 – Published” folder to build your archive of published content.

By working on one or more ideas in advance, and using the scheduled publishing feature in your blogging software, you can better meet those publishing deadlines.

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