Some artists are captivating with just a guitar and a microphone, even in low fidelity recordings.  That is evidence that the music speaks for itself.

Neil Young: Old Man

James Taylor: Fire and Rain

Emily Barker: Nostalgia

Lindsey Stirling: Interview

Besides being tremendously creative, Lindsey delivers a message of inspiration to all of us.  Simply,

“When you do what you love,
people are drawn to you.”

In another video she says:

“You are the best when you are yourself.
I can’t be the best at being someone else,
they are the best at being themselves.”

Which is further underscored by these quotes that put things in perspective.

Reflecting on the influence of Little Walter, Eric Clapton said:

“I don’t have to have fantastic facility,
if I channel everything I feel into this.”

B. B. King said:

“That’s how I developed a style,
because I couldn’t hear well enough,
or play well enough, to play like these
people played that I loved so much.”

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