Classical Guitarists prop up their left foot, place the guitar on their left knee, and hold the guitar very upright. In this position, their wrist is straight and they have easy access to all the strings, even at the first fret.


Acoustic and Electric Guitars are often held on the right knee. In this position the strings are not quite as easy to reach, but the wrist does remain relatively straight, however, the shoulders are quite uneven which can cause fatigue. Try not to get tensed up in an uncomfortable position when you play.


Acoustic and Electric Guitars are often held up with a guitar strap so that the guitarist can stand up. If the strap is too long (left), the wrist of the fretting hand becomes quite bent when trying to reach the strings. This can cause carpal tunnel inflammation and pain. Shortening the guitar strap (right), the wrist becomes straight again, giving better access to the strings. In general, the neck should be above the elbow for easy reach.

HoldElectricLongStrap    HoldElectricStrap

It’s good to practice in both the sitting and standing positions, because the new position can really affect your ability to play what you’ve practiced in the other position.

Join the discussion and tell us what other form tips would you suggest for easy, comfortable playing and why.

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