Open Chords are chords played in the first position and typically contain an open string. Here are some of the more common ones.

Remember: Arch your fingers and press straight down with your finger tips to help each string ring out. Keep your wrist straight, your thumb on the back of the guitar neck, and a space between your palm and the guitar neck.

grip-fingers-wrist grip-thumb
Do not play the strings with an ‘x’ above them.

amaj amaj-show

amin amin-show

cmaj cmaj-show

dmaj dmaj-show

dmin dmin-show

emaj emaj-show

emin emin-show
Use your first finger flat to fret more than one string.

fmaj fmaj-show

fmin fmin-show

gmaj gmaj-show

You’ll find others in the chord diagrams on sheet music, and after we show you how to build your own chords on the fly, you won’t even need those.

Many chords are fingered differently for convenience, depending upon what comes before and after the chord in the song, or what ornamentation is used. For now, try the fingerings that are shown.

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