Tremolo means different things to different people.

In Classical / Flamenco / Nylon string guitar circles, tremolo refers to a rapid right hand fingerstyle pattern of p – a – m – i (Thumb – Ring – Middle – Index).

Example Fingerstyle Tremolo

In Electric guitar, tremolo refers to a semi-rapid pulsing fluctuation in volume effect built into some guitar amplifiers.

Example Amp Tremolo.mp3

The Tremolo bar on some guitars, however, is a misnomer. Whammy bar is probably the better name, although it conjures up images of abuse. The Whammy bar can be used to change the pitch of the strings as in string bends, or it can be used to apply vibrato, which is a semi-rapid pulsing fluctuation in pitch.

Example Whammy.mp3

Vibrato can also be achieved with the fretting hand without use of a Whammy bar by wiggling pushing and pulling the string with your fretting finger to raise and lower the pitch.

Example Vibrato.mp3

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