Go back to one of your chord progressions from your Song Wiring – Rhythm and Harmony Lines lesson.

Instead of strumming the chords, play a pattern with your right hand over the left hand fingerings.

Rhythms can be swing, syncopated, or just a little irregular to give it a completely different feel.

Write down your additions on tab paper.

blank chord staff tab paper.pdf

Launch your DAW and add your new fingerstyle track. Mute the rhythm track and compare. If the fingerstyle track competes with the melody track, mute the melody track and see how it sounds.

Writing and orchestration can go hand in hand. Does it help clarity if the melody is carried by the vocal instead of the guitar?

It is common for singer songwriter guitarists to sing the melody and work ornaments into the fingerstyle pattern or rhythm pattern that complement the melody.

Now, instead of replacing the strummed chord patterns with a fingerstyle part, what fingerstyle ornaments can you add to the mix? Start by adding them as a separate track, then see which ornaments you can work into the performance of the guitar part.

Write down your additions on tab paper, and track them (record them on a separate track) in your DAW.

What other fingerstyle songs or phrases are trying to get out? Notate and Track all your ideas and file them away. Any one of them may be the kernel of your next big hit!

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