As we discussed, Blues is based on the I – IV – V chords. Sketch out some ideas on paper. Blues don’t require staff paper, but chord diagrams may help. Record your ideas into your DAW.

Do any lyrics come to mind? Try to fit some lyrics to your Blues progression.

blank chord staff paper.pdf


While Rock has it’s roots in Blues, Rock pulls from a larger palette of chords. We’ll explain this more fully when we learn about building chords, but for now, you can just accept that there is a pattern of Major and minor chords that fit together in a key.

    For Major keys, they are:                 I     ii    iii   IV    V    vi    vii°

    For minor keys they are:     i    ii°    III    iv     v    VI   VII


  • Upper case letters are Major keys,
  • lower case letters are minor keys,
  • and o chords are 7th chords.

So for example:

    The C Major key has:                       C    Dm    Em    F     G    Am     B7

    The A minor key has:         Am    B7      C    Dm    Em    F     G
  • Try building some Rock chord progressions and Rhythms of your own
  • Record your ideas into your DAW
  • Write them down on staff paper

blank chord staff paper.pdf

  • Add some lyrics if you can
  • Record the lyrics into your DAW on a separate track

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